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20 February 2007 @ 11:58 pm
Okay, so it's not even close to my community and these totally aren't official challenges or anything but I'd really like someone... ANYONE to write at least one of the following:

1. The Adamas discuss hosting a dinner party or are having a dinner party.

2. Lee and Dee have a code sort of language they use when she's in the CIC and he's out on manuvers.

3. Lee & Dee's thoughts about the time he was adrift in space and she stayed on the comm until he was retrieved.

4. Lee and Dee just after the Old Man is shot in the CIC (S1) as they both held one of his hands, could they have known that something more would happen between them. Talk about bonding!

5. Lee and Dee talk about their favorite memories of Caprica.

6. Lee and Dee have a secret rendezvous when she slips out of the CIC and he slips away from the his duties as CAG. Pretty much no plot required.

7. Lee or Dee on the other, from either's POV while the other is sleeping... can be after sex.

8. Any heart to heart between Lee and Dee about anxieties or fears.

And just to be fair, I'll try to tackle at least one myself... and I reallly have never written fanfics, only my own origs... so we'll see how this goes. ;)
05 February 2007 @ 06:39 pm
Here's the first part of the story. Continued chapters will be available on my page. :-D

Thanks for reading!

Centering around the events of Taking a Break From All Your Worries and on...

BSG Fiction - Aftermath

Lee Adama entered the office of his father, closing the door behind him. He held his upright stance with his hands behind his back. “You wanted to see me?”

William Adama stripped his reading glasses off. His eyes moved away from the stack of papers he held on his desk as he moved up from the hunched position. “Yeah, have a seat.”

Lee stood his ground as he watched his father who nodded.

“Your choice.”

“If I may ask, sir, what’s this concerning?”

His father threw his glasses down in front of him. “I’ve been hearing some events that have transpired between my pilots. Possibly interrupting their ability to focus on their job at hand. Not to mention putting some of my crew in grave danger because of their behind the scenes fraternizing.”

“No one has been put in danger,” Lee said quickly. “And if anyone told you otherwise, they were probably lying.”

“And I suppose they were lying about the broken vows you seem to be flaunting in each corner of the ship. My Gods Lee, you are supposed to set an example for this fleet!”

“Maybe I’m just echoing the shining example for a father I had growing up-”

Bill was on his feet, towering over his son before he could finish the sentence. “I don’t pretend to act like I was the perfect father or husband, but I am a man of my word and I don’t scale back on my commitments when I am called to act upon them so don’t you dare stand there and lecture me about the choices I’ve made!”

Lee’s blue eyes held his father’s gaze as the words settled in the room around him. His jaw flexed in that moment. He wanted to tell him how his mother treated him and Zach when they were kids. He wanted to spill all of the secrets he held in and everything that went on whenever he was called away to duty. All the smiles and the act that they were one happy family whenever he did spent little time with them was all one big lie. He didn’t know the meaning of mistakes.

“You don’t have to worry about me fulfilling my duty on this ship,” he finally said aloud. “I have a feeling things are going to change.”

He turned on his heels and headed for the door.


Lee froze midstep and reluctantly turned to face his father who had returned to his seat, hunching over his papers. He peered up and as their eyes meant, Lee saw a sense of compassion in his father’s dark eyes.

“Don’t forget what I said.” He slipped his reading glasses back on his eyes. “And shut the door on your way out.”

He stood there in that moment watching the old man read over his documents. A chill was in the air in that moment as he left his father’s office. Closing the door, he felt tension stretch all the way throughout his body. He was torn. He knew he should have been happy being let off the old marriage hook by Dee. He was now free to pursue Kara. But even as he thought this, he was reminded of all the times he did pursue her and how she left him hanging every time. Would she be different this time? Could he find security in her knowing full well about her MO?

~continued after the jump~
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29 November 2006 @ 04:01 pm
This isn't my comm, so these aren't to be considered "challenges", but it's been a little quiet here so I thought I might offer a few prompts to mix and match that are appropriate to the season.

1. Invent a Colonial holiday (obviously they don't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, but surely they celebrate something) and have Lee and Dee share a few fond memories of past holidays.
2. Their first family holiday celebrated as a married couple.
3. Lee and Dee try to continue an old family holiday tradition (which family is up to you).
4. Lee and Dee end up unexpectedly seperated during a holiday and/or manage to reunite in time for the holiday.
5. Exchanging gifts. (good choices, bad choices, funny choices, maybe even getting stressed out about the choices)
10 November 2006 @ 12:15 am
Just fyi...I continued Beyond the Stars and thought I would post a notice here.

(Read the continuation)

04 October 2006 @ 10:38 pm

Please try and post your Sept. Stories soon.

October Challenges

1. Dee misses the colors of fall.

2. Future Fic. Lee and Dee telling their children about Galactica.

3. Past Fic. Lee or Dee's favorite memory from childhood.

4. Dee is kidnapped.

5. A Workout session at the gym.

6. Scary things are happening around the ship...could there be ghosts? (This last one is in honor of Halloween.)

Read the rules, sign up for a story, and get busy writing. :)
28 September 2006 @ 01:48 pm
Title – Beyond the Stars
Author – Sci-Fi Rae
Pairing: Lee/Dee
Rating: PG
Spoiler Warnings: None...unless I’m a good guesser. ;-)
Notes: I set out to do a mixture of 5 & 8, but as the story turned out...it decided to go half of 5 and most of 8 with a little bit of extra thrown in. Anyway, here’s my story.
P.S. I hope it’s okay to start a new thread for my story. If not, let me know and I’ll delete this one and repost it for you wherever.

Beyond the Stars

Colonel Anastasia “Dee” Adama leaned over on the control panel of the Pegasus CIC. Her keen ears were constantly alert allowing the sounds of the whooping and hollering pilots to invade her mind. Her hazel eyes appeared to be staring at the brightly lit panels, searching for something. In reality her eyes stared dead into space as her mind prayed to the Gods that Lee and the others would be watched over. She tried to keep him on the Pegasus, telling him that it was suicide to jump in a viper and dive straight into battle. But she knew his heart belonged in the air and they were losing pilots by the minute.

The cylons attacked out of nowhere.

(Beyond the Stars continued)
27 September 2006 @ 07:00 pm
Just to let everyone know I added a new "sister site" for this community. It is the ever wonderful north__star, which is based on love for Kandysee (I am sure I just spelled that wrong, sorry).

Everyone go check our sister site out. :)
26 September 2006 @ 04:36 pm

I wanted to remind everyone that the end of September is coming. Please try and post your stories (under an lj cut) before the first of October. I will be posting the new challenges on October 1st.

Can't wait to read everyone's stories. :)

07 September 2006 @ 04:43 pm
Hello All,

So happy people are joining! :)

I am pleased to announce some things happening for this community. We have two three four "sister sites". Please go check them out in the community info page. We also have a community icon made by the ever wonderful carynscorner.

Thank you Carynscorner! *hugs*


If anyone else wants to become a sister site, either comment and/or email me.

If anyone wants to make icons for Lee/Dee, we are happy to have them posted here. Just please use an LJ Cut for more than three. :)

05 September 2006 @ 07:53 pm
Welcome one and all to lee_dee_fic, a monthly challenge fanfiction community. Please be sure to read the "Community Info", as it has the rules for this place.

September Challenges

1. AU fic where Lee and Dee knew each other from before.

2. Dark fic with control issues.

3. Happy, silly, fluffy...

4. Dee telling her great-grandchildren how she met Lee.

5. They find Earth, and someone has their eye on Dee.

6. The courtship of Lee and Dee.

7. Smut, with a tiny bit of plot thrown in. ;)

8. A fic where Lee is madly in love with his wife, and Kara is ONLY a friend.

9. All the good stuff that happened before they got married.

Post if you want to take a story, and then post the story before October starts. You can mix-n-match any and all challenges.

Happy Writing,